‘QUEEN’ Short Film by 55Media- Teaser Trailer

This is the teaser trailer for Queen, the latest short film from 55Media.

Queen is an Afro-juju, Old-Nollywood throwback, a dark thriller that introduces us to Nkem, a well meaning Nigerian immigrant woman, pregnant with twins for husband, Ozi. The two of them, loving and seemingly a normal couple, discover disturbing secrets about one another as supernatural forces abound, threaten both their marriage and the life of their babies.

Queen, the short film is the first installment of the new initiative Project55– A series of short films being produced by 55Media in 2021. Each of these short films will be primarily centered on Black women. All of them, different in genre, tone, style. To donate to Project55 and support this initiative please use this link and read up on all the exciting films in development- https://55media.net/donation-55media-short-films-black-women/

Queen was shot on location in London.


Starring: Isio Mena, Adwoa Akoto, Oseloka Obi, Uche Aguh, Miss Sahhara and Osa Edeki.

Written and directed by Uche Aguh.
Co produced by Uche Aguh and Dennis Schmitz.
Produced by Bobo Onabolu.
Director of Photography: Dennis Schmitz.
Asst Cam: Chris Udoh.
Wardrobe: Nyameke.
Production Assistant: Sweety Akindele, Kofi Alexander, Jinmi Onabolu.
Sound: Muneeb Baig, Ali Oudjana.


The Teaser Trailer for Queen, the short film was colored using 55Media LUTS. Queen was shot on Panasonic S1H.

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