The reincarnated soul of a Master Slave Owner finds disguise in the body of a Butler, who oversees a Black Fraternity House where he pits several young men through a series of macabre initiation challenges mirroring the forgone days of slavery.

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  1. drama / romance

    I Still Do

    In the midst of his gubernatorial nomination Emeka and wife, Chioma find themselves at a crossroads in their marriage. Together, Chioma and Emeka must go on a journey to rediscover their lost moments of I do in hopes they can re-proclaim to each other, I still do.

  2. drama / thriller


    Fatima, Rukayat and Aminata, are three young school girls in the Northern region of Nigeria, who have been kidnapped by Boko Haram soldiers, under the command of Abubakar. Together, they find themselves in the Sambisa forest as they forge ahead to break free from his terror.

  3. Romance / Drama


    Obinze and Ifemelu are teenage lovers, who find themselves thousands of miles apart, after moving to distant corners of the world. Despite this distance between them, they yearn for a rediscovery of one another as adults, marred with several new traumas and life experiences.

  4. Drama / Fantasy

    The Beautiful Ones

    Kunle, a manic depressed film student finds himself as a patient at a local Austin Hospital. Together, he and his Psychiatrist, Lola go on a whimsical journey in order to find love, self-discovery and healing.

  5. Short Docu Series

    Road to Recovery

    Earl Thomas, Vince Young and Marquise Goodwin star in this compelling short docu series which aims to capture the lives of NFL players as they make their return back to pre-injury sports level, after suffering a devastating, almost career-ending injury/hardship.

  6. Psychological Thriller

    The House Invictus

    A group of young Black men are invited into a Fraternal Society House. What they come to learn and find out about the place, and themselves will haunt them for the rest of their lives.

  7. Psycho drama


    Frank is a recluse, socially awkward young man, who finds himself in the midst of excitement as he prepares for a date with the ultimate girl of his dreams, Eve. He cannot contain his joy at the mere thought. But perhaps he is in over his head?…

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