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Welcome to 55Media Films! We are a new and innovative boutique film production collective, primarily focused on creating quality digital content for CINEMA, LIFESTYLE, BRANDING, MARKETING, and PROMOTIONS. Our motto is affordable  budget, expensive look. We pride ourselves in knowing extensive market research on equipment, know-how and technique which distinguishes us from our competitors.

We understand the intersectionality of artistic expression and business enterprise and we are most passionate about the overall satisfaction of each and every one of our clients. The process of film production includes Pre-production (Story boarding, writing, shot listing, creative direction and concept analysis), Production (Directing, cinematography, lighting, set design, costuming, and camera operation) and Post-production (Picture editing, sound design, music, color grading, and special effects). Each of which, we have been able to master. We are able to walk our clients from story boarding to final picture ensuring that they get the best possible quality.

Our film projects are mastered in 4K resolution, which is the current leading industrial standard. Our goal is to be a premium independent international film company with cinematic and commercial films across the globe. We have been recently featured in publications such as CNN, The Huffington Post, Essence, Bella Naija, Blavity, Shadow & Act, Afropunk, Konbini, ESPN and the NFL. The production company is owned by Uche Aguh who serves as the executive director, and Dennis Schmitz, a cinematographer.

We look forward to having you as part of the 55 Team!!


Uche Aguh

Uche Aguh

Executive Director/Founder

Dennis Schmitz

Dennis Schmitz




The House Invictus Trailer

The House Invictus | Trailer

The Beautiful Ones Are All Mad

The Beautiful Ones Are All Mad | Concept Trailer


Azuike | The strength of your back

AZUIKE | The strength of your back


Earl Thomas | Road To Recovery

Earl Thomas | Road to Recovery


Americanah | Concept

Americanah | Full Concept Film


Americanah | Concept Trailer

Americanah | Concept Trailer


The Black Joker | Trailer

Black Joker | Trailer



SAMBISA - Full Movie [4K]





I STILL DO | Trailer

I STILL DO - Trailer | Coming in 2016




Email address: info@55media.net