horror / thriller

The House Invictus

The House Invictus is a psychological thriller that examines the shared history of black folk in America, both modern, and past. Blood, chaos, upheaval, sex and religion and it’s cultural fall out blended with the psychology of race, masculinity and the power of brotherhood.

Production Company: 55Media

Written and directed by Uche Aguh
Director of Photography: Dennis Schmitz
Assistant Director: Ukairo U. Ukairo

Shot on the Panasonic GH5 using V-Log L. Internal 150mbps 10 bit codec.
Additional shots using DJI Phantom 4 Pro and GoPro 6.

Grading in Davinci Resolve using an ACES workflow without any luts.

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Uche Aguh

Uche Aguh

Jarius Sowells, Kayode Akinyemi, Vincent Ramirez, Thiree Pinnock, Julian Horton, Obum Nwankwo and J. Shawn Durham