55M Advanced Luts 2.2
for Blackmagic
Standard Edition


Introducing the brand new and improved 55M ADVANCED LUTS.


This new 2.0 version offers both accurate and pleasant colors with a perfect dosage of contrast for your already existing footage, and projects yet-to-be-shot on many Blackmagic cameras shooting Gen 4 and Gen 5 colorscience.


With this new version re-engineered from scratch, you no longer have to deal with a brownish looking image, a harsh roll-off, lifeless greens, burned looking skins or an overall brown tinted image. With the new 55M Advanced Luts Version 2.0, your masterpieces will turn out better than ever before.

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What’s inside your box?
55M ADVANCED LUTS 2.2 Standard for Blackmagic support the following cameras: Pocket 4K, 6K (Pro) and URSA Mini Pro 12K and include Rec709 conversions such as:

  • Accurate conversions:
    • Advanced– a very RED IPP2 Medium/Soft-like conversion with a very natural look and a great roll-off
    • Main– a mixture between RED IPP2 Medium/Soft and ARRI Rec709
    • Neutral– a clean, linearized Rec709 conversion with accurate color and a smooth roll-off



Colorspace conversions for:

  • Pocket 4K Gen 4 to V-Log
  • Pocket 4K Gen 5 to V-Log
  • Pocket 6K (Pro) Gen 4 to V-Log
  • Pocket 6K (Pro) Gen 5 to V-Log
  • UMP12K Gen 5 to V-Log


Monitoring Luts for:

  • Pocket 4K and 6K (Pro) in Gen 4 and Gen 5 (33pt)
  • URSA Mini Pro 12K in Gen 5 (33pt)



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for Blackmagic
Standard Edition”

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