55M Advanced Luts 2.2
for DJI Drones
Standard Edition


Introducing the brand new and improved 55M ADVANCED LUTS.


This new 2.0 version offers both accurate and pleasant colors with a perfect dosage of contrast for your already existing footage, and projects yet-to-be-shot on most Panasonic cameras shooting V-Log, V-Log L and HLG.


With this new version re-engineered from scratch, you no longer have to deal with magenta looking skin tones, lush greens, or overall lifeless looking images. With the new 55M Advanced Luts, your masterpieces will turn out better than ever before.


What’s inside your box?
55M ADVANCED LUTS 2.2 Standard for DJI support the following drones: Mavic 2 Pro, Air 2S and Phantom 4 Pro with full D Log and D-Log M support and include Rec709 conversions such as:

Accurate conversions:
  • Advanced– a very RED IPP2 Medium/Soft-like conversion with a very natural look and a great roll-off
  • Main– a mixture between RED IPP2 Medium/Soft and ARRI Rec709
  • Neutral– a clean, linearized Rec709 conversion with accurate color and a smooth roll-off

Colorspace conversions for:
  • Phantom 4 Pro D Log to V-Log
  • Mavic 2 Pro D Log-M to V-Log
  • Air 2S D Log-M to V-Log


Want to match with Blackmagic Cameras? Get your 55M Advanced Luts 2.2 package for Blackmagic cameras here!

Want to match with Panasonic Cameras? Get your 55M Advanced Luts 2.2 package for Panasonic cameras here!


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for DJI Drones
Standard Edition”

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