Americanah – Concept Trailer
03 Jan 2017

Americanah – Concept Trailer

Three vast continents, two revolutionary lovers, one

03 Jan 2017
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Three vast continents, two revolutionary lovers, one epic story.

Based on the award winning novel, by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, this is Americanah- A magnificient story adapted and directed for the screen by Uche Aguh, and produced by 55Media.

Americanah tells the tale of a young love torn apart by the perils of migration and the constant search for greener pastures. It is a deeply moving and profound story that challenges the idea of race, class, nationality, and socio-economic status. For its protagonist, Adichie, has written a marvelous character in Ifemelu- A young girl, brilliant and unapologetic, uprooted from her home in Lagos, Nigeria and transplanted, in North America. Her identity becomes questionable, when she realizes suddenly that she now bears the label of a Black-American.

This concept trailer is a direct pitch to the producers (Plan B, Lupita Nyong’o, Potboiler) of the feature film currently in development, for consideration in the areas of writing and directing (Uche Aguh) and cinematography (Dennis Schmitz) as well as the featured actors involved in the production.

This concept was shot over a period of seven days, on location in London, with an exact budget of $0.00.

Isio Esiekpe- Ifemelu
Damola Adelaja- Obinze
Jamila Wingett- Kosi
Uche Aguh- Blaine
Freddie Scobey- Curt
Winston Sarpong- Kayode
Daniel Annoh- Dike (Teenage)
Jinmi Onabolu- Dike (Child)
Fatima Hernandez- Ginika

Cinematography: Dennis Schmitz
Editing: Dennis Schmitz and Uche Aguh
Music arrangement: Uche Aguh
Music composition:
– Chopin- Etude Op. 25, Nocturne No.1 Op.9
– Fela Kuti- Upside down
– Area Scatter- Uwa marala Oka Ome

Special thanks to Damola Adelaja and the Adelaja family for their contributions to this project, and Andrew Gourlay as well.

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