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Written, directed and produced by Uche Aguh,

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Written, directed and produced by Uche Aguh, “I STILL DO” serves as his directorial debut. The dramatic short film stars Chinwe A Nwokolo and Aguh.

“I STILL DO”, which is set in Lagos, Nigeria follows a young Nigerian politician named Emeka (Aguh) and his wife, Chioma (Nwokolo), in the midst of a political election. Chioma is in her mid thirties, a beautiful woman. Everything about her is pageant-like. But through the dark lens of her eyes, a much different story exists. Emeka, also in his mid thirties, a man full of charisma and charm, poised to be a governor. A miraculous feat, given his age and income. Their marriage in apparent crisis, the couple can no longer hold on to elegant pretense.

In this particular style and theme, “I STILL DO” is inspired by European French, art-house cinema.
Aguh is joined behind the camera by cinematographer, Dennis Schmitz, who made use of small LED lights and modified natural lighting to achieve a picture that is both magnificient and terrifyingly beautiful.

The film was shot in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Sound Director – Alexander Moyerer,
Make up and hair – Tiffany Sanz,
Production designer – Marcus Schumann,
Production Assistant – Davidson Lourenco.

Genre: Drama
Cast: Chinwe A Nwokolo, Uche Aguh, Gael Zigo
Written and Directed by: Uche Aguh
Produced by: Dennis Schmitz, Uche Aguh